Hemingway AI Usage FAQ

Hemingway AI is a Virtual AI copywriter and creative content creator. Hemingway AI makes creating engaging and creative content as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Hopefully the questions and answers below will give you some ideas about how Hemingway AI can be usefully leveraged .


What is the purpose of Hemingway AI?Hemingway AI automates virtually the entire process of creating most types of copy and creative content. Hemingway AI can be used to create a wide variety of creative content for webpages as well as advertisement copy, product instructions/listings, social media and blog posts, and even drafts of legal documents. Hemingway AI can also be used to proofread and tweak creative content, essays and papers. Hemingway AI can even be used to generate unique and royalty-free creative images.
Who is a good canidate for Hemingway AI?Hemingway AI is perfect for anyone that wants to augment or otherwise shore up their content creation skills. You don't need to have excellent writing and communication skills when producing creative content with Hemingway AI. Hemingway AI will take your idea and turn it into an engaging and polished work of art.
How can I use Hemingway AI? You can use Hemingway AI by creating(and logging into) a Chicago AI Portal account and navigating to the Hemingway Console portal page.
Can I use Hemingway AI to proofread a paper or essay? Yes, by selecting the 'PROOFREAD' option in the 'Output Type' dropdown selector, inserting the content to be proofread in the 'Priming Data' input, and inputting the subject of the paper, Hemingway AI will proofread and correct the content in question in the flash of eye.
Can I use Hemingway AI to produce images? Hemingway AI currently has the ability to automatically generate a unique royalty-free title image to be featured along with your content. To generate a title image with your content, set the 'Generate Title Image' input on the Hemingway AI request form to 'YES'. Selecting this feature will enable additional inputs that allow you to adjust the generated image's height and width.
Why do I need to provide Hemingway AI with priming data? Hemingway AI probably doesn't know enough about the subject that you are asking them to write about inorder to be well informed on the topic. Priming data allows you to control all the information and data that Hemingway AI knows and uses to form their responses. Note that by controlling the data that Hemingway AI bases their work on, you have tremendous influence over the content that the AI produces.
Can I use Hemingway AI to produce legal documents? Hemingway AI currently has an experimental 'CONTRACT' output type that can be used to produce rough drafts of legal documents. This is an experimental feature and should be used with extreme caution. All legal documents produced by Hemingway AI should be verified and vetted by a human.
How is Hemingway AI usage billed? Hemingway AI billing is based on text usage tokens in a pre-paid credit format. Text usage tokens are word fragments and 100 tokens is aproximately equal to 75 words. You can learn more about Hemingway AI billing on the billing FAQ page.
Where can I find information about my Hemingway AI usage? Hemingway AI usage information can found on the 'Usage Summary' tab of the AI Summary portal page.
Where can I find information about my Hemingway AI billing schedule? Your current Hemingway AI billing schedule can found on the 'Summary' tab of the AI Summary portal page. Heavy users can request a custom tailored billing schedule by submitting a request on our Contact Us page.
What are 'Content Links'? 'Content links' are URLs to webpages with information that you want to prime your Hemingway session with. These pages should contain information that is relative to your given subject. Content links should include the host domains protocol(ex: https://example.com/example-page).
What are the 'Turbo' and 'High Performance' Hemingway AI modes? Hemingway AI 'Turbo' and 'High Performance' modes, when enabled, improve the overall accuracy and quality of Hemingway AI's responses in exchange for an additional 'Performance Mode' rate. You might want to toggle Hemingway AI's performance mode if the quality of your priming content is low or you are not quite getting the results you desire from Hemingway AI. 'Turbo' mode produces the highest quality results, while 'Standard' mode is at the other end of the spectrum.
Does Hemingway AI have a free usage tier? Unfortunately we are not able to offer a free Hemingway AI tier currently, but that may change in the near future. You may be able to receive a free demo credit by submitting a request on our contact page. Additionally, if you are a small business owner on a tight budget, you may be able to get free usage provisions by applying to the Chicago AI Pilot Program. Please note that space in the AI Pilot Program is extremely limited and participation in the program is not guarenteed to anyone.
I am trying to use Hemingway AI to create a large document, but I am getting poor results. What am I doing wrong? Large requests are more taxing and harder for Hemingway AI to get right. If your request is larger than 8K(8,000) tokens, try to break it up into multiple smaller requests for the best results.
Why do some of my 'Content Links' produce errors? Some news sites and webpages actively forbid bots like ours from crawling them. This can sometimes be attributed to paywalls. In these cases you must insert the content from the page into the 'Priming Data' input manually.
Are there any tricks to breaking down my large Hemingway AI requests? Using the 'OUTLINE' output type, you can first have Hemingway AI produce an outline. You can then split the outline into multiple sections and use Hemingway AI to write each section individually. In most cases, smaller sections lead to higher quality results.
What are response tokens? The 'Response Tokens' input determines the maximum length of Hemingway AI's response. Note that Hemingway AI's response won't always be this long(depending on the prompt), but it will never be longer than this.
How will I be billed for images generated by Hemingway AI? Hemingway AI generated images are billed based on Image Token usage. Image Tokens for an image are computed by adding the image's width(in pixels) with the image's height(in pixels). This token amount is then applied to the appropriate image token rate tier in your billing schedule.
Why are larger Hemingway AI requests more expensive than smaller requests? Large requests require a more substantial amount of hardware, time and energy resources. The higher pricing also motivates users to break their large requests into multiple smaller requests, which not only lowers the costs of Hemingway AI, but also most often produces better and higher quality results.
Can I get a custom Hemingway AI billing schedule? If you are a heavy Hemingway AI user and would like to request a custom billing schedule, please submit your request on our contact page.
What is the Chicago AI Pilot Program? The Chicago AI Pilot Program allows Chicago AI to give back and empower a limited number of small business owners whom have limited budgets by providing them access to deploy and use Newton AI or Hemingway AI for free. To apply to or learn more about the AI Pilot Program, please visit the AI Pilot Program Home Page. If you still have unanswered questions about the Chicago AI Pilot Program, or need anything else, please reach out and contact Chicago AI, and we would be happy to help.

Additional information about Hemingway AI billing can be found at the Hemingway AI Billing FAQ page.

If the Q&A above doesn't answer all your questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask us a question using our contact form.