Hemingway AI Usage Billing

Hemingway AI usage is currently charged on a pre-paid basis using usage token credits. Each request consists of a prompt, which serves as the input for Hemingway and provides instructions on what to do, and a response, which is the output generated by Hemingway in response to the prompt. The usage of Hemingway AI is calculated by counting the total number of tokens in both the prompt and the response. A token refers to a fragment of a word, with approximately 100 tokens for every 75 words. The cost of token usage is billed at a rate of $0.03 per 1,000 tokens for basic requests that fall below 4,000 tokens.

Because large requests require a significant amount of resources, Hemingway AI Usage Tokens are billed in several tiers, based on the size of the request.

Additional non-billing information related to using Hemingway AI can be found on the Hemingway AI General Usage FAQ page.

Current Hemingway AI Usage Tiers

  • Normal: Less Than 4,000(4K) tokens
  • Large: Between 4,000 and 8,000(exclusive) tokens
  • XL: Between 8,000 and 16,000(exclusive) tokens
  • XXL: 16,000 tokens or more

Current Hemingway Base Billing Schedule

TierRate(per 1000 tokens)
  • 1500 tokens would be billed on the 'Normal' tier(at a rate of $0.03 per 1K tokens) for a total of 0.045 usage credits billed.
  • 4000 tokens would be billed on the 'Large' tier(at a rate of $0.035 per 1K tokens) for a total of 0.14 usage credits billed.

NOTICES - ALL amounts are in USD($). Rates and Billing Tiers are subject to CHANGE at anytime without notice. Your billing schedule may be different from the base schedule above, go to the Summary Console in your Chicago AI Portal to check your individual billing schedule. To request a custom enterprise billing schedule or billing arrangement, please contact us here.