About Chicago AI

Chicago AI is the most affordable provider of premium AI powered small business transformation. Leveraging artificial intelligence tools, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Chicago AI helps level the playing field for small businesses by enabling them with high quality artificial intelligence automation solutions, like our customer service automation plugin, Newton AI, that normally only the biggest of organizations could afford.

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Chicago AI's Mission

It is Chicago AI's mission to provide the highest quality and most affordable AI powered automation solutions on the market, enabling small businesses to scale out and level up their customer service and customer satisfaction ratings without breaking the bank and incurring high-interest debt. We accomplish this by being one of the only Chicago artificial intelligence technology startups without any debt or sky-high overhead expenses, allowing us to serve our small business clients without forcing them into risky contracts or absurd startup fees.

Chicago AI was founded on the belief that by efficiently and thoughtfully engineering and building out quality AI automation solutions without all the waste and inefficiency of traditional software projects and firms, and by using only ethically sourced and accurate training data, that Chicago AI can level the playing field for the smallest of businesses, and make artificial intelligence, and software in general, equitable and accessible for everyone. Providing high quality and affordable AI automation solutions, like our customer service automation plugin, Newton AI, and our virtual ChatGPT powered copywrite and creative content creator, Hemingway AI, Chicago AI enables anyone, regardless of their budget, to achieve digital success and scale.

Ask Chicago AI

If you don't believe Chicago AI provides the MOST AFFORDABLE and MOST EFFECTIVE artificial intelligence powered automation solutions around, please don't be afraid to ask us and see how you can get started with one of our AI powered automation products, like Newton AI, for FREE! You will be shocked when you see how surprisingly affordable our AI automation solutions really are.