About Hemingway AI

Hemingway AI is an artificial intelligence powered virtual copywrite. Hemingway AI makes copywriting easy by automating nearly the entire content creation process.

Simply provide the Hemingway AI app with a subject and some written priming content and Hemingway AI will create new and engaging copy matching your desired parameters. Hemingway AI will even produce an image to be featured along with your content.

Did you know that the Hemingway AI app was born just a few blocks away from where the real Ernest Hemingway was born on North Oak Park Avenue in a Chicago suburb named Oak Park, IL.

Using Hemingway AI

To use the Hemingway AI app, navigate to the form on the 'Generate Content' tab on the Hemingway AI Portal page and enter the subject or title of the content you would like to create in the Subject input box. Next, select the type of content you wish to generate from the Output Type dropdown selector. You can set the outputted content's format by selecting an option from the Output Format dropdown selector.

Next, populate the Max Response Length input box with approximately how many words you would like Hemingway's response to be. Hemingway won't always respond with this many words, but won't respond with more than this. Additionally you can configure how many paragraphs Hemingway returns with the Paragraphs input. You can adjust Hemingway AI's creativity by changing the value in Randomness input box.

Finally, you need to prime Hemingway AI with content and data relevant to your target subject. This can be accomplished in any combination of the following two ways:

  1. Content Links
  2. Priming Data Form Input

Once all of the Hemingway AI app's parameters are set to your desired specification, simply press the Generate Content button and let Hemingway AI take care of the rest. You can load previous requests and their responses using the Load History button found near to the Generate Content button at the bottom of the Hemingway AI request form. You can read more about advanced Hemingway AI configuration below.

Priming Hemingway AI

Hemingway AI typically relies on user provided contextual and priming information in order to be informed on the target subject. This priming data can be passed to Hemingway AI in the form of URLs or links to webpages by pressing the Add URL button under the Content Links section of the Hemingway AI request form. Contextual data can also be provided to Hemingway AI by inserting raw text snippets into the Priming Data input box.

Generating Images

Hemingway AI can be instructed to generate an image to be featured with your content by setting the Generate Title Image dropdown selector input to 'YES'. When enabled, you can also adjust the generated title images dimensions. Additionally, You can skip generating content, and have Hemingway AI only generate an image by setting the Generate Title Image and Generate Image Only selectors both to 'YES'.

By default, the Hemingway AI app automatically generates an image based on the content they created. This behavior can be overridden by setting the Use Custom Image Description dropdown selector input to 'YES'. This enables a Image Description input where you should describe(in as much detail as you like) what you would like the title image to look like.

Tips and Tricks

You can set the Performance Mode dropdown to 'High Performance' to super charge your Hemingway AI results.

You can use the 'Freeform or Other' content type when the other options don't seem to suit your needs. The Subject input becomes optional when this mode is enabled as well as the Prompt input now becoming required.

You can use the Prompt input to give written instructions to Hemingway AI. You can write things like 'write from the perspective of an optimistic customer' or 'capitalize the first letter of every word'.

You can find more in-depth information about utilizing Hemingway on our Using Hemingway AI FAQ page.